House Among Olive Grove

Private House

Kidron Village, Shfela
Built 200 sqm – Site 1500 sqm

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“The idea was to design a “connector” between the front and the back vineyards. In order to do so, the house was placed in morphological correspondence to the olive trees, with the olive rows parallel and perpendicular to the front of the house together.”


“We enjoyed designing a house that functions as a gateway between the inside and outside and as such produces a living experience that is full of life within nature, landscape and environment,” Henkin and Shavit say. “The house was exceptional in its design concept, but over time has become a center of pilgrimage throughout the area and today happily serves its occupants.”


“The house is a composition of space in which volume takes a central role – this system has allowed to create a gateway which is the passage axis between the front and back lot.“


House Among Olive Grove

Moshav Kidron, built of large agricultural estates, is a level flat ground Moshav in which the sizes of the estates create quite great distances between residences. Olive vineyards are the main component of the estate on which this family house was planned and built. The idea was to create a connection between the front vineyard area and the back one. For this purpose, the house was placed in a morphological match to the grid of olive trees, with rows of olives parallel and perpendicular to the front of the house.

The house is a composition of a center space, “a gate” that contains public situations and functions as a passage between the two areas. To this volume, two masses with the private functions were attached. The house is designed in a modern way that combines white plaster with black aluminum profiles and smoothed concrete floors. At night the mass and volume ratios are strengthened, the volume functions as a “light cage” used as a lighting fixture on the scale of the adjacent street.

“For this project, the architects must find a way to retain privacy while bringing in the landscape, natural light and air. Irit and Zohar drew the right proportion for the building volumes by plotting the buildable area as if they were farmers ploughing the land, dividing it neatly into strips.”

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“The bedrooms are also planned so that each of the residents of the house has direct access to the garden. Unlike the living room, filled with the best examples of Italian furniture, the bedrooms look completely ascetic and even cold. But in the Israeli climate, this always plays into the hands.”

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