Natural Modern Home

Natural Modern Home

In the heart of Tel Aviv, a city that never sleeps, there is an asylum of tranquil nature, creating a bubble of utopia, an opportunity to slow down and relax.

Henkin Shavit Studio stands behind the planning of a quiet temple, according to the request of their senior clients. A dreamy place simulating an oasis has been created. This living space emphasizes the idea of detaching a busy outdoor, culturally dense, colorful and restless world into a natural atmosphere of a still monochrome environment indoors.

The updated plan referred to the existing apartment as a box that wraps with its outer walls an inner box which, again, creates the feeling of detachment, gently using the element of wood partitions. That deciphers the optimal functions of the apartment design. The specific detachment concept is expressed in the coherence between connection and disconnection of two natural materials – oak tree and grey stone.

The complicated carpentry work consists of material separation, which creates a new vertical rhythm, unified and calming. The vertically grooved oak wood is used like a unified puzzle, it’s pieces separately complementing each other into a whole piece. This element is seen as the kitchen wall cover and recreates itself as a double partition between the bedroom and the living room. This partition includes a secret aisle door, the magic entrance into the quietest corner of the apartment – the master bedroom. The duet of the warm materials countering the cold grey materials creates this temple of calmness, detached from the constant movement of the outer world.

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