In the same project in Migdal HaShachar from the previous post… The apartment was purchased as a typical 3 rooms apartment, the new design is a Loft context shaped as a slice of cake.The kitchen extends along the space and ends near the curved glass window facing west. All the apartment installed light oak parquet. The sleeping space quotes a hotel suite, providing solution for entering the bathroom space from two different directions. Between the public and private space, a sliding partition from black mirror that will reflect the interior and the beach view.

לופט במגדל השחר
הנחת רצפה בלופט
חללי מעבר בלופט
נוף מהלופט לכיוון גבעתיים ות"א
חיתוך פרקטים לרצפה
הנחת פרקט בכל הלופט
נוף מהלופט במגדל השחר

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